Basin Street Blues
Louis Armstrong (1928) 1926
  (Lore 1075)   Johnny Creel


Heads promenade the outside, halfway round that ring now
Sides go right & left thru, turn your girl around now
4 ladies chain to the land of dreams
Chain them home again down to New Orleans
Join your hands and make a ring now, circle round that ring now
Everybody swing now, swing the gal around
Allemande left, go allemande thar, go right & left men back in
Make a right hand star
Shoot that star, go down that lane, go right & left, 4 ladies chain
Turn her left, like an allemande thar
Men back in a right hand star, back along but not too far
Shoot that star, skip one maid, swing the next then you promenade
Swing her and lose, you lose the Basin Street Blues

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