Ain't She Sweet
Gene Austin; Pearl Bailey; many others 1927
  (Lore 1068)   Allen Tipton


4 ladies chain, you're gonna turn that little Jane
The join hands, circle down that lane
Left allemande, go forward 2
and then
Go right & left, allemande thar, men back in and star
Shoot the star, dosado the one you know
Left allemande that corner girl, come back and promenade you go
Ain't she sweet
Promenade her down the street
I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

That corner dosado, (face your partner)
pass by one to the next you go
Box the gnat, girls star left around you go
When you meet that man, gonna swing 'em, yes you can
Gents star left, go walking round the land
When you meet your date, catch all 8,
right hand 1/2 way round back by the left,
4 ladies chain, roll promenade
Now I repeat
Promenade there with your sweet
And I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet

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