I May Be Used But I Ain't Used Up
Waylon Jennings 1984
  (Blue Star 2259)   Andy Petrere


Sides face, grand square
Well I look a little rough but I've got a few miles on me
My body needs work, my style ain't what it used to be

Left allemande, weave the ring
Honey, I'll admit there's places where I'm wearing thin
Swing the girl and promenade
But I ain't broken down, I'm just getting broken in

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Well now you heads promenade, travel halfway around that ring
Lead to the right, veer to the left
Couples circulate and then, bend the line
Load the boat, get movin' round that ring
Square thru count 3,
swing that corner, promenade
Well I may be used, but baby I ain't used up

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