Las Vegas Lil
  (Lore 1159)   Harold Bausch


Circle left
Las Vegas Lil loves to twirl, loves to dosado
Square dance here, round dance there, always on the go

Walk all around your corner, turn partner by the left
Men star right in the middle of town, once around the set

BREAK    Basic

Left allemande your corner, weave the ring now
She's the one that makes it fun, she knows how
Dosado your lady, promenade her, don't you know
It takes two to make this square dance go

FIGURE    Basic, unknown progression

Head couples square thru 4 hands around in time
With the sides circle 1/2, veer to a two-faced line
Ferris wheel keep moving, centers pass thru
Square thru 3/4 round tonight, trade by
Do a right & left thru, turn this girl and then pass thru
Trade by and swing, swing that corner girl
Promenade this lady, take her to the start
She's the square dance lady in your heart


She's the square dance lady in your heart

In this dance, the Break precedes the Figure and the Intro is never repeated. Break and Figure twice for heads and twice for sides.

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