Silver Dew
Bob Wills 1945
  (Dash 2519)   Bob Johnston


Dosado the corner, circle left go round the square
While the fragrance of magnolia fills the air
Allemande left your corner, bow down to your own
Weave that ring to that old Kentucky home
Turn her by the right, a wagon wheel, men star left, leave her there
Come back home, twirl your own, promenade
As you promenade with me, how I'm hoping there will be
Silver dew on the blue grass tonight

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Heads to the middle, a right & left thru and wheel 'em full around
All promenade keep on walkin' round the town
Heads wheel around and dosado, go back to back you know
Make that ocean wave and rock it up and back, go right & left thru
Turn your girl, pass on thru, bend the line
Trail on thru, corner swing, oh so fine
Promenade so merrily, when the moon shines down you'll see
Silver dew on the blue grass tonight

*with a brand new gate of love

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