Gate Of Love
Hank Thompson 1946
  (Dash 2515)   Bob Graham


Now the first and third right & left thru and turn your girl you do
Cross trail thru and split the ring and around just one you go
Well into the middle you box the gnat
Change hands a left square thru 3/4 round then do a right & left thru
Well dive thru and pass thru then do a right & left thru
Well a right & left back, your opposite a dosado
Go all the way around to an ocean wave
Well forward and back, do the right & left thru
And do a cross trail back
Well allemande left that corner girl and promenade your own
Heads wheel around a right & left thru
Then do a dixie chain
Ladies go left, the gents go right, your corners box the flea
Well promenade home *with a brand new gate of love


*you've got your turtle dove

BREAK    Basic

Well allemande left that corner girl, and you walk right by your own
Turn the right hand lady with the right hand around
See saw your very own
Gents star left in the middle of the ring
It's once around you roam
Pick up your partner, star promenade her home
Well the gents back out, the ladies chain the ring now
Well now chain 'em back, let's do a dopaso
That's her by the left and your corner by the right
Your partner left hand swing
Now corners all go right & left, now do a left hand swing
Well the gents star right 3/4 round and hurry don't be slow
Then allemande left that corner girl, grand right & left you go
Well you meet your honey comin' down the line, gonna promenade her home
Well home you go and swing that turtle dove


Well swing your honey 'cause that's your gate of love

Copyright 1957

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