Too Late
  (Lore 1048)   Bob Augustin


4 ladies chain, you chain across that ring now
Turn and chain those ladies home again
Join your hands and circle round the ring now
Left allemande then dosado your own
The men star left go once around the ring now
Meet your own and promenade the town
Take that gal back home and then you swing her
It's too late for me to worry now

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads lead right and circle 4 hands round there
Make a line, go forward up and back
Pass thru across that town, cast off 3/4 round
Make a line, move forward 8 and back
Star thru, pass thru and swing that lady
Swing that gal and promenade with me
Too late, too late to say I'm sorry
So swing that gal around for me

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