Good Girls Gonna Go Bad
  (Bogan 1214)   Billy Dittemore

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Join 8 hands, circle to the left, go walking round that ring
Go all the way around till you get back home and then
Now 1 & 3 you square thru and count 4 hands you go
Round the corner and do the dosado
Spin chain thru, the men you turn 3/4 then 1/2 way
3/4 more and you balance up and back, all 8 circulate
Turn thru with the partner, swing the corner and go
Left allemande and weave around that track
Because your good, good girls gonna go bad
You'll dosado and promenade this land
If you like them painted up, powdered up, then you oughta be glad
Well you swing a little girl that's gonna go bad

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