Puff The Magic Dragon
Peter, Paul and Mary (1963) 1958
  (Bogan 1159)   Billy Dittemore


Sashay around your corner girl, turn partner left around
4 little ladies chain, go straight across the town
Chain right back across the set, turn 'em with an arm around
Join up hands and circle to the left and move that ring around
Oh allemande left your corner, allemande right your own
Allemande left your corner and promenade your own
Puff the magic dragon down by the sea
Take your partner right back home and swing a little while for me

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

Head 2 couples lead to the right, circle around that track
Head gents break and make a little line, walk 'em to the middle and back
Pass thru, with a wheel & deal, center 4 star thru
Same 2 ladies chain across, and turn a little girl you do
Cross trail, swing with the corner, she will swing with you
Promenade your partner go walking 2 by 2
Puff the magic dragon down by the sea
Walk your lady home with you, to the land of Anna Lee

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