California Here I Come
Al Jolson 1924
  (Top 25081)   Paul Moore

FIGURE (4 times through)    Basic, corner progression

Head ladies chain and couples 1 & 3
Pass on thru, go 'round 1 you see, once more
Into the middle and dosado, make an ocean wave right there
Rock it and swing thru, right & left and don't you stop
Dosado your own and the corner swing
Left allemande, promenade that ring
Open up that Golden Gate
California, here I come

BREAK (3 times through)    Basic

You circle left, go around that ring
Let's circle left, back home again
Dosado round the corner girl, and you come on back and swing
Swing your honey round now the men star by the left around
One time and then you'll dosado
Left allemande and promeno
I'm headin' for that sunshine state
California, here I come

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