Good News
Jody Miller 1973
  (Wagon Wheel 214)   Jerry Haag


Sides face, grand square
Up in the morning, something missing
Why could it be that I taste your kissin
Lord knows I had a time with you last night

4 ladies chain that ring
You turn them there, you star back home
Roll promenade and now you're gonna walk along
Saying, good news, love has come my way

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

The heads promenade go halfway round
Down the middle, square thru somehow
4 hands and do a dosado
Square thru 3 more
Trade by, the corner swing
Left allemande and promenade that ring
Singing, good news, love has come my way


We make love, nice and easy
You can't imagine how much you please me
Don't ever, ever want to leave your loving arms

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