Working Without A Net
Waylon Jennings 1986
  (Nickel 40)   Hoss Waldorf

OPENER    Basic - SSD Week 1

Circle left
Well, the road can be a circus
A death-defying act

Left allemande and weave you know
You weave around the track
Up on the high wire
You swing and promenade that hall
Some wanna see you fly
Some wanna see you fall

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) Square thru 4 hands, around that corner dosado
You touch 1/4, then hey
Walk & dodge, my friend
Partner trade and a right & left thru
Pass the ocean, you recycle there
Swing and promenade
Your love helps me forget
I'm working without a net


Sides face, grand square
Up on the high wire, I hear the crowd begin to call
Some wanna see you fly, some wanna see you

Left allemande and weave
Standing here alone
You swing and promenade
It scares me half to death
That I'm working without a net

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