Johnny Burke 1954
  (Crown 135)   Gary Shoemake


4 ladies chain you turn that girl
Chain them right back home
Join hands and circle left
Left allemande and weave the ring
*Look at me, I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree
Swing that girl and promenade
**I can't understand, I get misty just holding your hand

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads square thru 4 hands around
And then dosado gonna make your ocean wave
Swing thru and then the boys run right
Couples circulate and now you ferris wheel you go
Let's double pass thru, all the leaders partner trade
Swing that corner girl and we'll all promenade
I can't understand, I get misty just holding your hand


*Walk my way, and a thousand violins begin to play

**That music I hear, I get misty the moment you're near

*On my own, should I wander through this wonderland alone
Never knowing my right foot from my left
My hat from my glove
I'm misty and so much in love


Oh, Oh, Oh, I get misty

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