(Prairie 1085)   Singin' Sam Mitchell


All 4 senoritas promenade the ring now
Come back home and swing with your man
Join hands and circle to the left around you go
Left allemande and weave the ring you know
While sweethearts are romancing
Dosado and then you promenade
Promenade the ring, take the lady home I sing
Dancin' the serenade

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads promenade you go halfway
Go right & left thru and then you roll away
Star thru, go right & left thru now
Veer to the left and ferris wheel (ole)
Square thru 3/4 and the corner you swing
Swing that senorita and you promenade the ring
Promenade this girl you go walkin' round the world
Dancin' the serenade


Bow to the partners all
And the girl across the hall
We just danced the serenade

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