Oklahoma Borderline
Vince Gill 1985
  (Chaparral 804)   Scott Smith


All 4 ladies promenade once around the ring
Get back home swing your babe, hey everybody swing
Join hands, circle left go walkin' round you go
Left allemande the corner girl and weave the ring you know
I need one good ride and I'll be satisfied
Dosado and promenade
If we roll all night she'll be comin' into sight
Hey come on Oklahoma borderline

FIGURE    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

Heads (sides) square thru in the middle and get 4 hands
Meet that corner lady and do a dosado
Spin chain thru and the girls circulate twice
Everybody turn thru, allemande left
Gonna walk by one and then
Swing the next little lady round and you promenade
Hey if we roll all night she'll be comin' into sight
Come on Oklahoma borderline


Come on Oklahoma borderline

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