Gimmie Back Those Blues
Jerry Reed 1978
  (Chaparral 404)   Beryl Main


Circle left
Way down in southern West Virginia
Lived a girl named Emma Jean

Well now the men star right, go one time around
Left allemande and weave that ring
My mama she told me, don't marry for money
Dosado and promenade
*Hello good times, so long ramblin'
Come on now gimmie back those blues

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Well the heads you promenade and go halfway round the ring
Come down the middle, star thru and zoom
Everybody double pass thru and cloverleaf you do
The centers square thru 3/4 round
Allemande the corner, dosado your own
Swing that corner, promenade her
*Hello good times, so long ramblin'
Come on and gimmie back those blues


*I'll tell you son, if you marry for money
You're gonna earn every penny


*Now I'm gonna run, being rich ain't no fun
Hey judge, gimmie back, come on and gimmie back
Oh, gimmie back those blues

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