Good Deal Lucille
Don Gibson; Mel Tillis; others 1954
  (Top 25218)   Deuce Williams

BREAK    Basic

Join your hands, circle left around tonight
Allemande left, come back and turn your partner right full turn
Men star left, go walkin' round the land
Get back home, box the gnat, do a wrong way grand
Wrong way round a right & left grand till you meet your maid, pull by
Left allemande, come back and promenade
You got class, you're gonna pass, you got appeal
Oh ho, good deal Lucille

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

1 & 3 promenade halfway in time
Lead to the right, circle 4 and make a line
Forward up to the middle, come on back and then
Right & left thru, turn the girls and pass thru
Tag the line, face in and when you do, box the gnat
Cross trail thru, swing your corner, promenade
*When I'm with you I can't be blue, that's how I feel
Oh, ho, good deal Lucille


*Can't get down to solid ground, that's how I feel

*When I walk with you I'm 8 feet 2, that's how I feel

This music is identical to Grenn 12162 except that the Grenn version is significantly slowed down.

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