Happy Go Lucky Day
  (TNT 114)   Singin' Sam Mitchell

FIGURE    C4, R-H lady progression

(Note: complete dance goes four times through.)

Well those 4 little ladies chain across you turn the girl and then
Chain the ladies right back home for me
Now, the head two couples promenade go halfway round the ring
Come down the middle, right & left thru for me
Here's where you curlique, walk & dodge, circle up 4 you know
Gonna break and make two lines, go up and back
You star thru, right & left thru, turn the girl you see
Swing thru two by two for me, boys run
Ferris wheel you know, then the centers curlique
Make a right hand star and turn it one time around
Then you allemande the corner girl come back and swing
Once more left allemande and you promenade
Promenade your lady, take her home and say
Better have yourself a happy go lucky day


I said you have yourself a happy go lucky day

(Note to callers: at Christmas time insert the following lyrics: "Better have yourself a Merry Christmas Day")

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=353