Heaven Says Hello
Sonny James 1968
  (Buckskin 1243)   Otto Degner


Four ladies chain, straight across that ring
Turn right around and chain 'em right back home again
Join your hands and then, you circle to the left now
Do a left allemande with the corner, weave the ring
Now when my day is done, I'll hurry home to you
Swing your girl and promenade
Heaven says hello, every morning
When the sun comes up to spend the day with you

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Those heads (sides) square thru and get me four now
Dosado the corner girl one time
You swing thru and then, boys you run to the right
Half tag the line, scoot back and go
Hinge a quarter, girls trade, recycle
Swing the corner girl around and promenade
Heave says hello, every morning
When the sun comes up I'll spend my day with you

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