Happy Go Lucky Me   (Circle D 282)   Andy Petrere

4 ladies promenade in the middle of the ring
Get on back and swing the girl you know
Join hands, circle to the left
Allemande left and weave the ring
Wind in and out around the ring, meet a little lady fair
Swing the girl and promenade, go walking round the square
*You got a new girl, we'll I've got three
Oh, happy, lucky me


Heads promenade halfway
Down the middle, pass the ocean, extend
Swing thru, girls run, ferris wheel
Centers pass thru, touch 1/4, scoot back and swing
Swing that girl and promenade, go walking round the ring
We'll I've got a new girl, crazy for me
Oh, happy, lucky me


*I've got a new girl, sweet as can be

*She's got blue eyes and dimples, lovely to see

*When we're together she's great company


When we get married, how happy we'll be
Oh, happy, lucky me
Oh yeah, happy go lucky me

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