Texas Girls   (Circle D 253)   Andy Petrere

Circle left
*Spray net, George Strait
She's riding in her pickup truck

Men star by the right hand, rollin round the ring
Allemande left the corner, weave the ring
Midnight, highway
Swing the little lady round and promenade
Heartbreak, hot spot
She's looking for a cowboy man

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade halfway around
Walk in and square thru 4
All the way around and a right & left thru in time
Pass thru, trade by, swing thru
Boys run right, ferris wheel and then
Pass thru, swing and promenade around the ring
**I know those Texas girls
Are the best I've ever seen


*Jukebox, dance floor
Angel in a cowboy hat

*Dim lights, slow dance
How come they move like that

**I know those Texas girls
Are every cowboy's dream

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