Magic Of The Rain   (Circle D 250)   Andy Petrere

Circle left
In the early morning magic of the rain
Men star right one time and then
Allemande left that corner
Turn the partner by the right
Allemande that corner, weave the ring
And as I walk along the way with my pretty Shirley Rae
Swing that girl and promenade
*I found happiness I can't explain
In that moment of magic in the rain

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Head two pair square thru 4 hands
Dosado that corner one
Swing thru, boys run to the right
Tag the line, face right, ferris wheel
Pass thru, star thru and roll
Swing the corner, promenade
*My thoughts return again to that memorable refrain
And our moment of magic in the rain


*I got my first kiss in that early morning mist
In that moment of magic in the rain

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