Brighten Up The Corner
The Brothers Four 1941
  (Blue Star 1732)   Andy Andrus
two columns


Dosado round that corner girl, then you see saw your taw
Join 8 hands, circle left around that hall
Those gents star right, it's once around you go
With an arm around your girl, star promenade you know
Girls turn back, left allemande and weave around that square
Go in and out around that ring and meet your partner there
Promenade around that ring, it's not so very far
Just brighten up the corner where you are

FIGURE    Basic - SSD Week 7, corner progression

Heads go forward up, come on back,
Square thru 4 hands around that ring you go
Star thru, pass thru, wheel & deal, 2 by 2
A double pass thru, first go left, the next go right
Star thru, pass thru and do a frontier whirl
Swing that corner lady, promenade go round the world
Promenade around that ring, how lucky you are
She'll brighten up the corner where you are

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