Time Changes Everything
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; many others 1940
  (Blue Star 1706)   Jim Brower


Join hands, circle 8 round the ring you go
Allemande left the corner, partner dosado
Allemande left, go allemande thar, go right & left
The men back up and form a backward star
Shoot the star, go all the way round, corner box the gnat
Grand right & left and after that
Promenade go round the ring take her home and then
Time changes everything


All 4 ladies chain 3/4 round you go
1 & 3 go forward up and back, lead right
Circle 4 you know, heads break to a line
Go forward up and back, go right & left thru
Dixie chain on the double track, now centers in
Cast off 3/4 round, go up and back
Fold the girl, star thru, promenade you do
Time changes everything

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