Wooden Heart
Theodore Pusinelli and Hackert (1901); Elvis Presley (1960) 1827
  (Top 25028)   Vern Smith

OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, R-H lady progression

Join your hands, form a ring, circle left and hear me sing
Allemande left and then, go forward 2 with a right & left full turn
4 ladies star across the land, that's corner girl left allemande
Grand right & left go round, just walk and rock around the town
When you meet her dosado, catch her left dopaso
Partner left, corner lady right hand round
Partner left roll promenade, take a walk there with your maid
And you'll never part, 'cause she doesn't have a wooden heart


Ladies center back to the bar, gents star left from where you are
Go all the way around, then pick up your partner with an arm around
Stretch the star across the night, *frontier whirl the girls star right
Gents backtrack around the world, twice around then star in behind your girl
Turn the star around the land, girl roll back, left allemande
Pass your own and swing the next one round and round
Promenade and treat her good, treat her like you really should
'Cause she's not made of wood, and she doesn't have a wooden heart

(*Note: when girls star right, men will walk momentarily with her until told to backtrack.)

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