Al Jolson 1920
  (MacGregor 910)   Fenton Jones


The heads star left in Avalon
Corners swing, swing and you whirl
Join hands, circle left go round the town
Whirlaway, left allemande
Here we go, right & left grand
O'er the waves we'll meet again
Promenade your baby round that ring
*We'll all set sail to Avalon
And swing, swing swing

FIGURE    C1, R-H lady progression

The head ladies chain, sides promenade 3/4 round this big ole ring
Come through the heads, star thru, cross trail and then
Swing and whirl that pretty little girl
Allemande left, we'll weave that ring
In and out, promenade and sing
I'll take my love to Avalon
And swing, swing, swing


*We'll take that boat to Avalon

*We'll set our course to Avalon

*We'll ride those waves to Avalon

*We'll take that trip to Avalon

SEQUENCE: (Break, figure twice heads, break, figure twice sides)

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