Have Faith
Barbara Fairchild (1970) 1968
  (Longhorn 176)   Bill Peters


Allemande left, go allemande thar, go forward 2 and star
Back in boys, a right hand star you know
Shoot it full around I cry, corner right and pull on by
Left allemande and then you weave that ring
She may be leavin' for someone new
Dosado her, promenade go 2 by 2
Don't be sad, don't be lonely, you'll find your one and only
Have a little faith and love will come to you

FIGURE    C4, R-H lady progression

Head 2 cross trail thru, go round 1 and when you do
Make that line go forward up and back, do the right & left thru
Turn the girl and pass thru, wheel across go 2 by 2
Brand new line go forward up and back, slide thru
Square thru 3 hands around, left allemande
Dosado and then promenade that land
Promenade with someone new
Beyond them clouds the skies are blue
So have a little faith and love will come to you

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