Echo From The Hills
  (Longhorn 153)   Jerry Adkins


You'll do a left allemande, turn a right hand round your own
The men star left go round the ring and then
Do a star promenade, go walking with your maid
Inside out, outside in, star promenade again
Roll left a half sashay, the gents star right that way
Girls roll back, left allemande, then a long promenade
Go winding along, singing a song
Back among the echo from the hills

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

The heads promenade 3/4 with your maid
2 & 4 will do the right & left thru
Then a double pass thru, first 2 left the next 2 right
A right & left thru and turn the girl and thrn, star thru
Pass thru and swing that corner lady round
Allemande left new corner, then you promenade that town
I know that some day I'll be winding my way
Back among the echo from the hills

(SEQUENCE: Opener, figure twice heads, break, figure twice sides, ending)

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