Mr. Piano Man   (Kalox 1311)   Art Springer

Four ladies chain across that ring now
Join hands, circle left you know
Allemande left your corner go forward 3 and then
Right, left, right, and turn back one my friend
Allemande left and do an allemande thar
Go forward two and boys back up a right hand star
Slip the clutch, skip one girl, do a left allemande
Come back one, swing the next and promenade the land
Mister piano man play, play me those ivory keys

FIGURE    Mainstream, unknown progression

Heads promenade halfway around there
Down the middle do the right & left thru
Side ladies flutter wheel, sweep 1/4 more
Pass thru and do a right & left thru
Veer left and couples circulate
Half tag the line and scoot back
Boys run right, star thru, pass thru
Trade by and swing, swing that corner girl
And promenade the ring
Mister piano man play, play me those ivory keys

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