I'm Busted
Burl Ives; Johnny Cash; Harlan Howard; Ray Charles; many others 1962
  (Blue Star 2174)   Johnnie Wykoff


Sides face, grand square
My bills are all due, my baby needs shoes
But I'm busted
Cotton is down to a quarter a pound
But I'm busted

Circle left
I've got a cow that's gone dry, a hen that won't lay
Left allemande, swing and whirl and promenade 'em I say
The county's gonna haul my belongings away
'Cause I'm busted

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Oh the heads you promenade halfway round you do
Walk in and square thru 4 hands round you go and do a dosado
You make a wave now, let the ladies trade,
Recycle then pass thru
Trade by and swing and whirl
Left allemande and promenade a new girl
You take a walk and go walking on down honey I'm busted

CLOSER    Basic

Well my bills are all due and I'm needing boots
But I'm busted
Square dancing's down all over town
And I'm busted

Circle left
I got a mike that won't work and an amp that won't play
Left allemande and swing and promenade 'em I say
The county's gonna haul my old Cadillac away
'Cause I'm busted


It's a sad thing honey
Everybody bow to the partner and bow to the corners all
And whoa right there 'cause I'm busted

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