A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Marion Harris (1919); Bessie Smith (1927) 1918
  (Lore 1033)   Johnny Creel


Join your hands and make a ring, circle left go round that ring
Left allemande, come back home and swing
The men star left go once around inside that town
Pick up your girl with an arm around, star promenade go round that town
The girls backtrack go twice around
Then turn your partner right hand, corner left hand round
Come back one and promenade around that town
Because a good man nowadays is hard to find

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head ladies chain you turn that maid, now chain 'em back,
heads promenade go halfway round,
then go right & left thru Turn your girl then star thru,
go right & left thru, you pass thru, now corner swing,
left allemande then weave that ring
Now if your man is nice, take my advice
Swing him every morning, hug him every night
Promenade him home and treat him right
Because a good man nowadays is hard to find

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