Honky Tonk Song
Faron Young 1964
  (Lore 1158)   Dave Johnson


Hey allemande your corner, come back a dosado
Well men star left and turn it once around you know
Star promenade, go moving with your maid
The girls backtrack go twice around the ring
The second time you meet her, you turn thru and then
You allemande that corner, then promenade my friend
To the honky tonk all night long
You promenade 'em home to the honky tonk song

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

You heads promenade now, halfway around you go
Hey down that middle a right & left thru, turn that girl you do
Square thru 4 hands, go movin' round you do
Dosado the corner, make an ocean wave you do
You swing thru, the boys trade, turn thru and go
You allemande your corner then promenade you know
To the honky tonk all night long
Promenade 'em home to the honky tonk song

Same music as Blue Star 1884

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