I Always Get Lucky With You
Merle Haggard; George Jones 1981
  (Hi Hat 5070)   Jerry Schatzer


Do an allemande left your corner, dosado your own
Now the men star by the left hand one time
Turn your partner by the right, face the corner slide thru
Sixteen hands circle to the left with someone new
I keep two strikes against me most all of the time
Roll away and swing your own and you promenade the line
And I've had good days and bad days and when the day is through
I always get lucky with you

FIGURE (Twice for heads, twice for sides)    MS - SSD Week 12, corner progression

Head pair you square thru in the middle and count 'em four
When you meet that corner lady swing thru
Recycle now, face a pair and star thru
With a partner trade and do the right & left thru
Oh, you gotta square thru to 3 and corner lady swing
Swing and whirl little corner girl and you promenade the ring
And I've had good luck and bad luck and no luck it's true
But I always get lucky with you


I always get lucky with you

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