New Attitude
Patti LaBelle 1985
  (Rhythm 198)   Wade Driver


4 ladies promenade go walking around now
Get home and swing your man, round and round
Join hands, circle to the left go round and do a
Left allemande, weave the ring
I'm feeling good from my head to my shoes
Dosado and promenade you do
Ooh, ooh ooh ooh
I've got a new attitude

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head couples promenade it's halfway around now
Walk in and square thru 4 go round
Go all the way and do a right & left thru, come on and
Pass thru, trade by, star thru and then
Square thru and roll it baby 3/4 round
Swing that corner, promenade 'em down
I'm honing up my point of view
I've got a new attitude


Ooh, ooh ooh ooh
I've got a new attitude

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