Shanty In Old Shanty Town
Ted Lewis and His Band; Johnny Long; many others 1932
  (Lore 1045)   Johnny Creel


Join hands and circle left to old Shanty Town
Left allemande that corner, turn partner right hand round
Men star left inside that square, turn partner right hand there
Allemande that corner Jane, then weave around that ring
Go in and out around that ring, when you meet that maid
Dosado go once around, then you promenade
Promenade back to that shack, down by the railroad track
To that shanty in old Shanty Town


Head 2 ladies chain across, turn that pretty Jane
All 4 couples promenade, go walking round that ring
1 & 3 wheel around, right hand star with the 2 you found
Heads star left out in the middle, turn it once around
Right & left thru that same 2, turn that pretty Jane
Dive thru and square thru 3/4 round that ring
That corner girl you swing, promenade around that ring
To that shanty in old Shanty Town


That shanty in old Shanty Town

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