Pete Wendling 1920
  (Lore 1183)   Lee Hett


Fancy shirt, boots that gleam
Tight fittin' pants made of gaberdine
So swing ole jellybean

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Walk around your corner lady, swing with your pet
Head couples promenade, halfway round the set
Come down the middle, pass thru, do a partner trade & then
You flutter wheel across the floor, sweep 1/4 more
Now when you're through, you pass thru, there you circle 4
Halfway 'round, veer to the left and couples circulate
You wheel & deal, pass thru, trade by and then
Slide thru, square thru 3/4 round my friend
Swing your corner lady round, you promenade the town
Who'd you get, you got ole jellybean
So swing ole jellybean

CLOSER    Mainstream

Well join hands & circle left, let's make a great big ring
Turn to the corner lady, boys you swing, swing, swing
Allemande left new corner lady, turn thru at home
Go back and swing that corner lady as if she were your own
Well join hands & circle left, now let me see you smile
Now all 4 ladies chain across, you turn your girl & then
Left allemande your corner, weave around that ring
In & out, around you go and when you meet your partner, promenade
You promenade around that ring, you get back home & swing
Who'd you get, you got ole jellybean
So swing ole jellybean

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