In Dreamy Chinatown   (Dance Ranch 715)   Chuck Myers

Allemande left your corner, come back a dosado
Men star left & turn it one time you go
Turn the partner by the right & you go left allemande
Bow real low & then, weave around the land
In & out around until you meet your girl
Swing a little girl and promenade the world
Hearts are light and lights are bright
In dreamy Chinatown

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade travel 1/2 around the ring
You're gonna lead to the right and circle make a line
Skip up to the middle and come on back & go, right & left thru
Turn the girl and pass thru, wheel & deal you do
Center 2 swing thru meet your girl and turn thru
Swing your corner, promenade the world
Promenade along to old Hong Kong
In dreamy Chinatown


In dreamy Chinatown

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