Marty Gold; Johnny Cash & Lorne Green 1959
  (MacGregor 1037)   Bill Ball


Walk all around your corner, see-saw 'round your own
Men star by the right, you turn it 'round you roam
Back by the left, to the same girl you box the gnat
Go right & left grand, the wrong way, go walkin' round the track
Go all the way 'round, dosado, once around your man
Swing this guy, once around, then left allemande
*Promenade around that bonanza
Swing old Hoss, he's the boss, he's the man for you

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

Head 2 ladies chain then you turn 'em
Swing star thru (equiv: swing thru, slide thru),
right there with Little Joe
Go right & left thru, turn your girl and dive thru
Pass thru & swing that corner girl you know
Left allemande new corner, then weave around that ring
Go in and out, around you go then promenade that Jane
Promenade around that bonanza
Swing Little Joe, don't you know, he's the boy for you


*Promenade around the Ponderosa
Swing old Ben, once again, he's the man for you

(Sequence: figure for heads twice, middle break, figure for sides twice, closer)

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