Bloody Mary Morning
Willie Nelson 1970
  (Blue Star 2049)   Roger Chapman


Four little ladies chain 3/4 round the ring
Join hands circle to the left, go walking round the ring then
Roll the girl a half sashay, circle to the left go round and do a
Left allemande you weave around that ring
It's a bloody Mary morning, baby left me without warning
Somewhere in the night

Do a dosado and promenade
I'm flying down to Houston, leaving baby somewhere in L.A.

FIGURE    C4, no progression

Now 1 & 3 curlique, in that box circulate
Those boys run to the right, do the right & left thru
Pass thru, you dosado, once around that girl look 'em in the eye
Swing thru, turn thru
Left allemande the corner, Joe, come back with a dosado
Get back to the corner, swing and then you promenade
It's a bloody Mary morning cause I'm leaving baby somewhere in L.A.

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