Ooh La La
  (Chaparral 513)   Ken Bower


Sides face, grand square
*Well, way down in a country town one day
A little old country band began to plan
They had two guitars and a beat-up saxophone
When the leaders said go, those cats began to blow

Four ladies chain they play ooh-ee-oh-oh
Chain them back ooh-la-la, let's rock and roll
Promenade now ooh-ee-oh-oh
Ooh-la-la, let's rock and roll

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Well now the head 2 couples promenade go halfway
Come down the middle with a right and left thru and turn the girl I say
Square thru and get 4 hands around now
Around the corner do a dosado
Well you're gonna swing thru and the boys trade and turn thru
Left allemande come back you promenade now
Ooh-la-la, let's rock and roll


Allemande left, swing
Ooh-la-la, let's rock and roll


*Well, snaggle-tooth Melinda was a drag
She latched onto some dude that showed up stag
He tried to run, but then he slipped and fell
She kissed him and we all began to yell

*Well, a hound dog rang a pole cat into town
He brought him to the hall and laid him down
Well someone hollered skunk and you can bet
That all those country cats are running yet

Music -- https://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=2523