Smokey The Bar
  (Bogan 1220)   Billy Dittemore


4 little ladies chain 3/4 round the hall
Join hands circle to the left go round you all
All 4 ladies roll away, well you dosado your own
Allemande left that corner lady, weave the ring you roam
Lots of folks are happy, they dance and tell you jokes
Meet your own, do a dosado then promenade you folks
Then there are others whose hearts wear a scar
Don't say you're crying, say it's smokey the bar

FIGURE    A1, corner progression

1 & 3 do a right & left thru, turn a little girl you know
Cross trail and U-turn back and square thru you go
Count 4 hands around the ring, split the outside pair
Round one make a line of 4, it's up and back from there
Star thru, California twirl, the corner lady swing
Swing a little girl go round and round and promenade that ring
If a tear betrays your eyes, if a memory slips too far
Don't say you're crying, say it's smokey the bar

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