Joggin' Bear
Johnny Preston; Sonny James 1958
  (Top 25180)   Ray Bohn

SEQUENCE (4 times thru: twice heads, twice sides, closer)

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Four ladies chain, go cross the river
Chain 'em back, you chain 'em home
Head ladies roll away, same couples star thru
Dosado then do the right & left thru (turn your honey)
Dive thru, pass thru, then go right & left thru
Dive thru, square thru 3/4 then
Left allemande, dosado your partner
Corner swing 3 times and then
Left allemande new corners and do the right & left grand
When you meet you partner, promenade
*He can cut across the square, swing the girl who wasn't there
That's why they call him runnin' bear

CLOSER    Basic, corner progression

Head couples square thru count 4 hands and then
Go right & left thru, turn the girl, dive thru
Pass thru, split 2, round 1, down the middle
Star thru, pass thru, left allemande
Partners dosado, corners swing and then
Circle left, now with the corners allemande
Grand right & left 'til you meet your lady fair
Swing your lady, promenade the square
If the moon is hanging right, you can see him here tonight
That's why they call him running bear


*To him an ocean wave is fun, he just kicks it til it's done
That's why they call him running bear

*If you want to see him bawl, just call an extra singing call
That's why they call him joggin' bear

*To him the fast ones are too slow, and the slow ones got to go
That's why they call him runnin' bear


(4 men beer mug chain:)
Dosado round your corner, turn the partner by the left
Gents star right 3/4, turn that lady left and then
New corners by the right, gents star left
Go full around and 1/4 more, you can turn her by the right
Walk by the corner, pass another, swing the next one
4 ladies want to promenade the ring
Turn partner right, left allemande and then
You dosado, then the gents star left
Star promenade your partner and go walkin'
Gents roll back, left allemande and promenade
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