Danny Kaye 1944
  (Sets In Order 150)   Tommy Cavanagh
two columns


Bow to partner and your corner swing
You swing that girl and promenade the ring
Heads wheel around, a right & left thru with the couple you found
Turn your girl and pass thru, face your partner now
Left allemande, a grand old right & left you go
When you meet your girl you promenade
Promenade the set, you know you're not through yet
So roll or bowl a ball, a penny a pitch

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Allemande left your corner then you dosado
Just the men you star by the left and then
Star promenade, go walkin' with your maid
The inside out and the outside in, all four ladies chain
Chain the girls across and then you roll away
You swing the right hand lady round and round
Allemande the corner maid, come back one and promenade
And roll or bowl a ball, a penny a pitch


Bow to your partner, corners all
That'll do ya, that's all

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