If They Could See Me Now
Cy Coleman; others 1966
  (Wagon Wheel 600)   Ken Bower


Why don't you circle left, go walking 'round that old ring
You allemande your corner, then your partner swing
Four ladies promenade go one time and then
Hey box the gnat, with a right & left grand
All I can say is "Wowie", look at where I am
Dosado your partner, promenade that old land
Hey, what a set-up, Holy Cow! They'd never believe it
If my friends could see me now

FIGURE (twice for heads, twice for sides)    Basic, no progression

Why don't those heads square thru 4 hands around that old town
Dosado one time around, star thru, forward 8 and back to the land
Square thru and count 3 hands, do a left allemande
Well dosado and to that corner go
Swing that girl around and promenade her back home
You promenade her round
Just struttin' high with that gal
Oh, if my friends could see me now


And really swing her
If my friends could see me now

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