Do You Remember These?
The Statler Brothers 1972
  (Windsor 5000)   Warren Rowles


Sides face, grand square
*Saturday morning serial chapters one through fifteen
Fly papers, penny loafers, lucky strike dreams
Flat tops, sock hops, studebaker, pepsi please
Ah! Do you remember these?

Four ladies promenade now get once around the ring
Get back home and swing then you promenade that ring
**Bogey man, lemonade stands, taking your tonsils out
Ah! Do you remember these?

FIGURE (Twice for heads, twice for sides)    A2, corner progression

All 4 couples half sashay, heads up and back
Square thru and go now 4 hands around the track
Make an ocean wave and balance, swing thru for me
Boys run, then wheel and deal
You dive thru, pass thru, swing the corner there
Left allemande new corner, promenade go round the square
***Cigarette loads, secret codes, saving your lucky stars
Ah! Do you remember these?


*Cigar bands on your hands, your daddy's socks rolled down
Sticks, no plugs, and aviator caps with flaps that button down
Movie star on dixie cup tops and knickers to your knees
Ah! Do you remember these?

*Hit parade, grape kook-aid, the Sadie Hawkins dance
Pedal pushers, duck tail hair, and peg in your pants
Howdy doody, tutti frutti, seam up the back of her hose
Ah! Do you remember those?

**Knock-knock jokes, who's there? Dewey, dewey who?
Oh, do we remember these?

***Senior prom, Marilyn's mom, rock and roll was new
Ah! Do you remember these?


I said do we remember these?

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