Mr. Sandman
The Chordettes 1954
  (Lore 1037)   Sal Fanara

OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, corner progression

Now the 4 little ladies chain across & then you rollaway
Join hands, circle left, circle left I say
Allemande left, go allemande thar
It's right and left and star
Men in the middle, you got a star
Back up boys, but not too far
Shoot that star, full around
Corner dosado
Come home, swing and whirl and then you promeno
Promenade around for me
Mr. Sandman bring me a dream

FIGURE    Basic, no progression

Head (side) two couples promenade go 1/2 the outside square
Down the middle, right & left thru
Turn that lady fair
Star thru, pass thru, right and left thru again
Now dive thru, pass thru, left allemande
Right to the partner, box the gnat, same girl you dosado
Swing the corner lady, boys and then you promeno
You promenade around for me
Mr. Sandman bring me a dream

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