How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Fletcher Henderson; Benny Goodman; many others 1924
  (Golden Square 6015)   Julius King


Join your hands and circle left around that ring
Four ladies chain you know
Circle left again until you hear me sing
Partner left a dopaso, you turn your corner by the right
Partner left, he said, Four ladies chain across tonight
And then you promenade, once around and ask your own sweet Sue
How come you do me like you do?

FIGURE    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

Sides (Heads) you rollaway, the heads (sides) you bow and promenade
Halfway round you run (in the middle)
Star thru, U-turn back and box the gnat
Start an eight chain thru there son
If she treats you kinda nice, that's just fine
But when you meet somebody new, you're gonna swing one time
*Promenade that ever lovin' Sue (ask her)
*How come you do me like you do?


*Promenade her back to where she was (I wonder)
*How come she does you like she does?

*Promenade and don't you flip your lid (ask her)
*How come you did me like you did?

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