Shanty In Old Shantytown / Sioux City Sue
Ted Lewis and His Band; Johnny Long; many others 1932
  (Windsor 7124 side A)   


Partners bow, then shake hands, here we do in a right & left grand
It's right & left until you meet, then promenade the land
Keep on goin' past your home, halfway round again you roam
Then stop a while on yonder side and swing your very own
All four ladies star across, you turn those opposite men
Turn once and a half, the gents star home, and turn your gal again
A right hand round your corner, swing your pretty girl around
At your shanty in old Shantytown


1st and 3rd (2 & 4) go to the right, and circle once round
Heads (sides) arch up, sides (heads) go under, duck and dive the town
Now you're over, now you're under, get back home, go like thunder
Those head (side) two couples promenade halfway round the ring
Go halfway round the outside, then chain those ladies fair
You turn 'em twice around, boys and keep 'em standing there
Same ol' two right & left thru, everybody swing by twos
At your shanty in old Shantytown

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