Paul Whiteman and his Ambassador Orchestra; Benny Goodman and his orchestra; Louis Armstrong; Frank Sinatra; many others 1920
  (Balance 403)   Ed Gilmore


Allemande left on the corner, weave by your own
A left hand round the right hand girl, a right hand round your own
4 ladies promenade around the ring you go
Come on home swing and whirl
Around and around with the pretty little girl
4 men promenade inside the ring
Come home swing your partner, everybody swing
Promenade this lady, you dance 'em home for me
Whispering I love to dance with you


Now 1 & 3 (2 & 4) promenade halfway round the floor
Same two ladies chain across and turn 1/4 more
Move to the sides (heads), girls hook elbows turn the line for me
Exactly once around you do
Wheel and deal, face those two
Dive thru, pass thru, swing thru and then
Men you trade, swing that corner round and then
You promenade her, dance her home for me
Whispering I love to dance with you

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