Call On Me
Wilson Pickett 1966
  (Tarheel 180)   Chuck Mashburn

OPENER    Mainstream

Sides face grand square
If you need a little loving, call on me
If you want a little hugging, call on me
Yeah baby
, Circle left
You know I'll be right here at home
Allemande left and promenade
Pick up your telephone and call now
634-5789, 634-5789

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (Sides) square thru 4
Get to the corner and dosado
Swing thru 2 by 2, boys run right
Bend the line, right & left thru
Flutter wheel straight across, slide thru
Swing the corner and promenade
Call now, 634-5789, 634-5789


Circle left
No more lonely nights, will you be at home
All you got to do honey, is pick up your telephone

Allemande left and weave
And dial now, 634-5789
Hey, don't lose my number baby
That's my number, I've got call waiting


Chain the ladies over and back
Don't lose my number, that's my number
You better call me right now baby
Call now 634-5789, 634-5789

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